The opening of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel officially took place yesterday, July 10, 2017, after nearly 12 months of major renovations. The major project was to redesign the hotel on several levels and review the business positioning to offer a whole new experience to hotel guests: the “QUEEN E” experience revisited!

Luminaire Authentik actively collaborated with SidLee Architecture to revitalize two of the hotel’s main public areas by illuminating the new lobby, as well as the top of the magnificent Nacarat bar.

The lobby project consisted of assembling 6720 glass triangles on 120 square backlit plates to create a magnificent 40′ wide chandelier.

The Nacarat Bar, for its part, is now adorned with 3 majestic circular constructions of 72 inches diameter combining the purity of glass and steel.

The project is a huge pride for the entire LA team and a great showcase for the company which, despite its very young age, is already playing in the big league!

More pictures coming soon!

Photo gallery here

* Photo credit: SidLee