Collection NOMAD

Collection NOMAD

Nouvellement simple

NOMAD, a collection inspired by simple geometric silhouettes. The timeless shape of the lamp brings a minimalist aesthetic to its environment. 100% locally made here in Québec, the NOMAD collection combines the classic lines of the cone with Luminaire Authentik’s selection of colour and finishes to seamlessly fit into its surroundings. Download booklet >

We collaborated with 3D artist William Thibault @loodious to create an inspiring and dream like setting to present the pieces of the Nomad collection

Greatly inspired by the beauty that emanates from sand dunes, we had the desire to bring the conical shape forward.  It is presented here with our palette of soft colors, inspired by the desert environment which preserves the luminosity and recalls the textures of the sand.

Thanks to the technology of London’s TALA light bulbs, the light can be dimmed to create an atmosphere so warm that it recalls the delicacy of a candle flame.