Onyx bar

Schedule an appointment to select your stone

How does it work

We are proud to offer you a fully personalized experience with the inauguration of our onyx bar at our workshop in Cowansville. This innovative concept allows you to come and select your own stone in person from the many shades of onyx available. During these by-appointment visits, our advisors are at your disposal to help you find the perfect piece that harmonizes with your decor.

For those who cannot visit in person, we also offer video conference consultations. During these sessions, it is possible to explore our selection of onyx in real time and choose the ideal stone remotely.

Material Variations

Onyx is distinguished by its unique and fascinating chromatic variations. Available colors range from chocolate brown to creamy white, rust red, caramel, and amber yellow. Some pieces will have more pronounced veining, while others will appear more uniform. Since each stone has a distinct composition, the arrangement options are nearly endless.