Made in Canada

Authentically Canadian

Luminaire Authentik, custom lighting for residential & commercial projects. Inspired by organic and minimalist aesthetics, their lamps are drawn, designed and 100% locally made in their Cowansville workshop, in Canada.
Colorful, playful & versatile design to create personalized ambiances.

Our creative universe is nestled in the heart of the Eastern Townships. Right next to our workshop and offices, you will find a material library and a lovely showroom where designers can host their clients for work sessions.

2015 : year of foundation / 40 : passionate employees  / 4 : Sites, because we are equally inspired by the country and the city / 16,000 : square feet in our new headquarters / Infinite : configuration options  / Thousands : models made throughout the years / 1 : very friendly dog named Billy.

« How do we create lamps that are authentic as well as exclusive? We make each one by hand, in polar opposition to the usual production line model. As an entrepreneur, authenticity starts with genuine decisions, such as opening a workshop in the middle of the countryside, turning a former schoolhouse into a creative space, and then proceeding to build headquarters that can house growing ambitions. Our authenticity also shines through our desire to collaborate with both designers from all corners of the world, as well as with design-savvy individuals. We honour the spark, that drive to work with passion, and to create with ambition, every day. »

Maude Rondeau
Passionate designer. Dynamic entrepreneur. Driven by innovation.